how to become a travel nurse

How to Become a Travel nurse-If you’re watching this video, you’re probably thinking to yourself, Alex, what kind of clickbait title is this? This is fake. You did not make $50,000 in three months as a nurse. That doesn’t happen. Well, it does happen, and it’s crazy for anyone new here. Hi, my name is Alex. I’m a pediatric travel nurse for the last year, and I’ve been doing this just to see how crazy lucrative is this field because I’ve heard from everyone that basically, you’re making a ton of money.

Do nursing and you’re just doing the same job as a staff nurse, basically. It’s almost similar, but it’s kind of different. When I’m working in the hospital as a nurse, you literally cannot tell the difference between me and the staff nurse. Like, we’re wiping the same butt, we’re doing the same assessments, doing the same vitals, giving the same medications. It’s all the same. We’re nurses. Now here is the difference is that with travel nursing, you’re literally going from hospital to hospital three months at a time. So a contract with travel nursing is typically around 13 weeks, sometimes 8 weeks or sometimes it’s longer.

So let’s say I do a contract in New York City for 13 weeks, and after I’m done, I can go anywhere. I can go to Florida, I can go to Texas. Maybe I feel too cold in New York City. I want to go somewhere that’s warmer. So let’s go to Florida. Let’s do it. But here’s the thing. If you also like your job, where you’re at with your contract, like say you have the best patients, best boss, best coworkers, and you don’t want to leave, you can always ask to do an extension.

how to become a travel nurse

So for me, for my last contract, I loved it so much actually it was kind of strange how much I fell in love with the patients and the staff. So I asked my boss to extend my contract for another three months after my initial three-month contract. And she was like, yeah, stay on board. So I did six months at a hospital as a travel nurse and it worked out. Now whether if you’re a nurse, a doctor, or a tech.

My mom, and my dad, You have heard about how much travellers are getting paid right now because it is crazy. My friends who don’t work in healthcare at all know more about travellers than I did in the beginning because it was so lucrative. Back when I was a baby nurse, I met one travel nurse who told me how much she made. And you’re not going to believe this because I still have trouble believing it, even though it’s true. She told me that she made over $10,000 per week working in the same job that I was in the same unit.

$10,000 per week? People, do you know how insane that is? Like, I could not believe that. I couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t believe it. As a nurse, are you kidding me? $10,000 per week. I was literally making like 2950 an hour and she was making like, I don’t even know the math. It’s over 100 bucks an hour easily. And honestly, at that point, who cares how much you make? You’re making 10 grand a week. Wow, That’s crazy and I think that’s what inspired me to become a travel nurse because that is life-changing money. Now keep in mind her rate of 10 grand a week was crazy, but was also kind of a 1,000,000 situation because that was during in 2019 at the peak of the pandemic when the hospitals were on fire and they needed nurses badly because our ER was like at one point we had five nurses for the whole ER. So during the pandemic, that’s not good, that’s not good at all.

how to become a travel nurse

So to hospitals, like we need nurses now and will pay for whatever they want and people took that offer. So since then, I haven’t seen 10 grand a week contract, but like, I don’t really care. Like honestly, you can pay me two grand a week and I’m still over the moon about it because that’s twice the amount I was making as a staff nurse. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I do overtime, I feel like I’m the richest man in the entire world because my paychecks will go from 800 bucks to like 1200 and I thought.

I am going to buy the whole world of this money and thanks to travel nursing, we’re definitely making more than 1200 bucks a week. So right now I’m going to show the exact breakdown of one of my contracts from how much I make in my stipend, the alary rate I want to make per week and how much I made for the entire contract. The exact numbers are right here. So if I did my job right, you just see the image right here for a contract for a pediatric packing nurse, which is what I did.

It is for a night shift for 40 hours per week and it is 10 hours per shift. So it’s four days a week in the pack you work weird shifts. So that’s why it looks a little funky. And you can see it’s for a total of 13 weeks, which is kind of the usual cutoff for a contract in travel nursing. You might see a six-week, eight-week, 12-week contract or even like a 24-week contract. They exist but they’re kind of harder to find. But if you see them, if you like them, go for them.

how to become a travel nurse

Now let’s go into how much am I exactly making per hour? So right here for regular pay, you can see I’m making a rate of $87.00 an hour and 72 cents and you multiply that by 40 hours. It’s so awesome because it literally does the math for you. In the contract, it is $3509 per week and for the whole assignments, it is $45,000. Six $115.00 for the whole 13-week contract which is. Pretty Dang good. And since I was a packing nurse, I was on call, which is not unusual for this kind of position. It was a rate of $5.60 an hour and I never got called in, so it didn’t even matter. And you can say here, if I decided to work overtime, which is over 40 hours per week, I will make a rate of $175 per hour and 44 cents. Now, we’re not done yet. There’s a whole other part of this contract that’s really important that people don’t really think about as travel nurses. We don’t just get paid to do our job as nurses. We also get paid for housing and meals because.

We have to eat and sleep people. So as travel nurses, we get a separate income just so we can live. So if we Scroll down we can actually see what we get paid for meals and housing. Let’s do meals first. So for seven days, we get paid $59 per day times 7. That’s $413 per week. So for an entire 13-week contract, that is $5369. Again, this contract is so great because they literally do the math for you. Not a lot of agencies do this for you, which is kind of weird.

And now let’s do housing. So for each day, we get $96.00 * 7. That is $672 per week and for a whole 13-week contract that is a total of $8736 just for housing. So you can use that money for an Airbnb, for a hotel, for maybe you crashing at someone’s place, anything you want as long as housing related. And finally they actually give you money for gas, which is awesome. So but.

It’s not a crazy amount. It was only $186 and I’ll take it. Thank you. That’s awesome. And now we’re at the last part of the contract where it gives you a kind of a big rundown on how much you’re making for the entire thing. So for the entire contract, before taxes, we’re making $4594.00 per week before taxes, but at the taxes, it is $3892.00 per week, so. Pretty freaking good. And for the entire 13-week contract we’re making $59,906.00 for the entire 13-week contract. Before taxes and after taxes it is $50,783. So I wasn’t lying to you guys $50,000 right there. That’s 100%.

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